My husband and I hired Bill through Thumbtack. He was not only professional and kind, he managed to get us more than double the money that we were to receive on TurboTax, and he charged us less than what it was going to cost on TurboTax! Bill has become more than just our tax pro--he has become a friend. We have had him prepare our taxes for two years now and we will continue to do so. We would recommend him to any of our family or friends!!

- Zach and Ali Mitchem

The pleasure was all mine and I am happy that all of the positive reviews that I found online matched my experience.

- Edwin Solorzano

Tax season...my husband and I were drowning in our tax mess; not only were we a few years behind, but we also had identity theft and lots of other complications going on with our tax situation. Talk about a nightmare! Panicked, not knowing what to do let alone who to go to, I thankfully stumbled across Bill with Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Tax!

Talk about lifting the stress off of our shoulders!!! He's a kind, smart, honest, straightforward guy who never overcharged us; always accommodated us in any way possible and the best part is, even though we thought we were certain about not getting any money back, he found a way to figure something out that got us a little cash in our pockets! No matter how complicated and messy your tax situation is, this is the best guy for the job. You can't go wrong with Bill from Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Tax!

- Evan & Meagan Gillins

You're awesome!

- James & Tara Horton

Bill Brough at Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Tax Service has done my taxes the last few years. He came to my apartment and got the documents needed. Now I'm a bit farther away from him and we just use email to transfer the info and docs. He is quick, efficient, and knows how to save me money by understanding my business taxes. And, I can trust him - I know he will get us the best tax situation possible. I've recommended him to others.

- Christopher Westra, Owner

Moved here going on 3 years ago from Ohio. Bill has been my tax guy from the start and he has always done right by me. He is thorough and reasonably priced, and he comes to us in Murray which is a real time savings. Bottom line: in my opinion, you can't go wrong with Bill and Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Tax Service.

- Tim Starcher

Hey, Utah peeps. We have a great tax guy, Bill Brough, at Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Tax Service. He is kind, patient and thorough, and if you're in need you should contact him, before he gets too busy. (He didn't ask me to post this. We're just satisfied customers.)

- Matt & Teresa Love

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us with our taxes.  We had originally done our tax preparation with H&R Block, but when we found their fee to be unreasonable we contacted you.  Not only was your fee reasonable, but you rearranged your schedule to sit down with us that same day and get all of our tax forms prepared and e-filed.  We will be happy to recommend you to family and friends.

- Scott & Tamra Baird

[Kolene and her husband were uninsured and applying for Medicaid ahead of the pending birth of their baby when the agency told them it needed to see their still-unfinished tax return right away.]

Thank you for expediting the process for us. I felt so bad asking you to rush this because I know you are under a lot of pressure from all of the customers you've taken on. But I'm hopeful that the taxes will suffice because that will save us some headache. Anyway, we're pushing it as it is; if they need more information, we may not have everything in place pre-baby. I know that isn't the end of the world, but I would feel much more calm if we have insurance prior to delivery. So, again, thank you for making us a priority.

- Kolene Mills

January 31st came and went, I got all of my W-2's and thought to myself, "I need to get these to my tax guy!"  I called Bill and left a message.  He got back to me immediately, but I could not answer to make an appointment with him.  So, a week goes by, and I still have not called him back.  Then, another week goes by, and I finally suck it up and call him and ask if I can just come by and drop my stuff off to him so I can get it out of my inbox!  I was so stressed out about handing it off and making sure I get this done sooner than later. Then he says the magic words, "You know, I can come get them." And this feeling of relief washes over me as I remember..."Oh, yeah, Bill will come to me!"  He made my life so much easier!! Thank you so much, Bill!

- Shannon Sanchez

Starting a new small business can be difficult, with many challenges and questions. Luckily we found Bottom Line Bookkeeping and Tax. We knew that we needed help with our bookkeeping and taxes, but Bill and Ben do much more for us than just that, and are trustworthy and always available. They have great customer service skills and are there to answer our questions and provide information and guidance. Working with Bottom Line has been a great experience for us. It has also resulted in new friendships, and a trusted partner in the business world.

- Scott Farrell, President
Salt Lake City Moose Hockey Club

If you are reading this you are probably in the same place we were before finding Bill. That is, knowing that you need to find someone you can trust and work with as a partner in your personal financial world, (not something anyone should take lightly or have to waste time by doing it over and over, because you chose wrong). If you want someone that will call you back, email you back, answer your questions, treats you like he understands customer service and believes in practicing it, and someone who will go the extra mile on different circumstances to understand them and to educate you on them then Bill is the person you are looking for.

- Mont and Cheryl Evans

I frantically contacted Bill the day before the 2012 tax deadline hoping he could help resolve some of my business complications as well as our personal tax obligations. He immediately responded and quieted my worries. Since then, he has responded to countless questions, emails and concerns, he has come to my home twice and finalized both my business and personal tax questions with ease! I am grateful for his hard work and will recommend his services to friends and family.

– Elke Parsons, Owner
Elke Parsons Acupuncture

We just want to thank you once again for the outstanding job you did for us on our taxes this year. We were not sure how it would turn out for us because of our recent tax issues. I can’t tell you how happy we are with the results that you were able to give us. You are our tax guy from now on. We will recommend you to all of our friends and family.

– Evan & Cindy Phillips

We found Bottom Line when we moved to Utah from Pennsylvania, where we still had a house we were renting out. Bill told us we could depreciate the house as an expense and save money on our taxes, but there was some additional information he would need to do that. When we weren’t able to locate that information, we told Bill to just skip it, but he knew we would be passing up a big deduction and wouldn’t let it go. He spent the better part of a day making phone calls to various local agencies in Pennsylvania until he was able to track down the info he needed to deduct $14,000 from our income. And he comes to our home! You can’t put a price on service like that.

– Patrick & Elissa Ryder

Thank you, Bill! I had some unemployment that carried over from out of state after moving to Utah and did not know what to do. You explained everything to me and gave me peace of mind. Also a great refund! I will recommend you to all my friends!

– Kathryn Hall

Bill has been helpful as an accounting resource from the initiation of my veterinary hospital. I met with him in the starting phases of opening my business and he guided me on proper record keeping and documents I would need to get started. He also helped guide me on the best ways to designate my business as an LLC, and the tax benefits I would get based on the different types of designations. This initial meeting has saved me hours of time as things were organized from the beginning. He does payroll, payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, and all the other myriad of taxes that a business pays every quarter and year. Opening and running a business involves a lot of paperwork and forms, and Bill has taken care of all the ones that he can to help “lighten my load” as a business owner. I would recommend him to other small business owners who are looking to run their business and focus on their trade, and not get caught up in the accounting side of things.

– Kirsten Doub, DVM
Owner, Union Park Veterinary Hospital

It just feels good to see our tax information going out the door with Bill, knowing we’ve done our part and the rest is in good hands.

– Edwin & Kathy Goebel

We were worried. When we discovered that an error had been made by our employer on our W-4 claiming too many dependents, we thought for sure we’d have to pay the IRS….again. After 10 years of self employment in St. George and moving to Salt Lake City for expensive cancer treatments for our son, we had already created a tax debt and were making monthly payments to the IRS. Plus, we were tapped out financially trying to get back on our feet. We resigned ourselves to more years of payments.

Bill gave us hope. He answered some difficult questions and helped us find answers. When he finished our return, he called to say we were getting a refund and instead of increasing our debt, we would be decreasing it! WOW! My husband nearly broke into spontaneous dance (and he doesn’t like to dance)! Not only that, but Bill’s fee is modest and he came to our home, making it convenient for us! We feel we have found a loyal and caring friend and business associate in Bill. Thank you, Bill. You are an answer to prayers.

– Quinn & Anita Hatch

My husband and I have jumped from one tax preparer to another since we got married a few years ago.  For us it is important to feel a community connection and we finally found that with Bill.

Like most people our life is hectic and we dread doing our taxes.  My husband was anxious to get the refund back and decided we needed to get our taxes done that day. Luckily I had Bill’s postcard, so I called him.

He was able to meet us at our convenience and at our home.  This was perfect for us because we have a two-year-old daughter and we were worried about her attention span in an office setting. Our meeting fit perfect for our time schedule and Bill helped us relax about having our taxes done. We definitely see this being a long-term relationship.

– Abbas & Lindsay al-Sweedy

I can’t tell you how relieved Don and I are. We had our taxes calculated out to be $5,300. It was a shock, to say the least. We just didn’t know how we were going to pay that. We had used another tax service for the past few years and it cost so much to hear that we owed more. I had told Don that we aren’t going to use them anymore.

I remembered getting a lot of different advertisements in the mail for getting taxes done, and I started looking through them all. When I came to your postcard I was impressed to call you. You came over and you were upfront and honest with us. You gave us your word that you would do your best.

We feel that you really did an amazing job. You sat down with us and went over everything and gave us some options to help us in the years to come. You saved us over $3,000. Thank you so much! We will be able to sleep tonight! We are going to tell everyone we know!

– Don & Becky Brassard

What a sense of relief I get after I’ve made my annual call to Bill! Turning our IRS worries over to him takes away the stress of doing our own taxes. Bill is a great guy who provides an outstanding service.

– Blaine & Sue Nelson

For years I had done the ‘manly’ thing and prepared our own tax returns – and really hated every minute of it. This year, I embraced my frustration and weakness for tax preparation when I received an IRS notice of some mistakes I had made on my 2007 returns. My wife took charge (one of the reasons I married her) and took it all to Bill early.

I was amazed that in spite of the fact I was sure we would owe, Bill got our taxes done quickly, accurately, and e-filed for us, for not much more than it would have cost me to e-file myself using TurboTax, and got us a very welcome and significant refund. Most importantly, thanks to Bill, I gained more time, attention and money to lavish on my wonderful wife!

Bill paid us back more than 10-fold on the reasonable rates we paid him for his services. So do the truly ‘manly’ thing and get some help from Bill.

– Clay Neves

I am a mother of two and I work full time.  I have filed our own taxes to save money for the past seven years.  This year, I spent three hours trying to file our taxes myself.  The program was saying we owed quite a bit of money.  I was frustrated!  I knew that something was not quite right, and I had already wasted what little free time I have by trying to do it myself.

I chose Bill at Bottom Line to help us out and do our taxes this year.   Not only did he take the worry away from me, he was able to get us a huge refund! Bill is very knowledgeable about taxes and very easy to work with.  I plan on taking the easy route next year and calling Bill right away!

– Porsche Christensen

Finding Bill Brough to do my taxes was like finding a treasure. I moved to Utah a few years ago, and as a small investor and caregiver for an elderly parent, his advisory capacity saved me money.

Now, with each changing year, I know I will be getting the best possible tax preparation service. His work is completed in a timely manner, and most of all he has a comprehensive understanding of the tax system and written tax curriculums. His years of experience are invaluable.

– Patricia A. McConnell, retired professor

Apparently I’m not the only magician around. Bill worked magic on the books for my small, but growing magic company. He has not only been my tax preparer and bookkeeper for the past two years, but he has also been a great source of information and advice on what to do in certain financial situations. I highly recommend Bill as your “all things financial” guy.

– Jeff Stone, Owner
Stone Cold Magic

One of the inevitabilities attached to so many American’s college degrees is a sizeable student loan debt.  I am no exception.  Thanks to Bill’s tax expertise, he showed me how I could take a tax credit for the student loan interest I paid, which helped me avoid paying any tax, and instead I got a refund!

Bill is not only an experienced tax professional, but he is downright smart, and most importantly, he is a man with the highest level of integrity.  I always feel confident calling on him for tax advice and would recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks, Bill!

– Christine Petersen

Thanks, Bill. It has been great to work with you and Bottom Line Bookkeeping. I appreciate you researching my tax problems and providing solutions so that I could make good decisions.  You  have really been a great help to me running my business.

– Mike Rigby, CEO
Curious Country Creations LLC

Bill has been my accountant for the past three years. I am an Avon representative on the side and had a mess with my Avon invoices and couldn’t figure out how to organize them to make his job as my accountant easier so he could do my taxes.

I finally just handed him all the invoices which he organized into a spreadsheet so I could track my costs and profits from month to month. Now I use his spreadsheet monthly and keep it current so that information is available to me at all times.

He is very efficient in doing my taxes in a timely manner and available to me for questions at any time. I would highly recommend Bill as an accountant.

– Karen Timothy