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Perhaps you landed here because you need a Utah Tax Accountant and want to know more about our famous $99 tax return with full itemizing, our $79 “no itemizing” return, or our $35 student rate for high school and college students, not to mention our 100% free missionary return. Maybe you just got our tax-season postcard and want to know more about us before you call, or heard about us from a friend and need help with your books. Whatever the reason, welcome!

Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Tax was founded by William Brough, MBA, EA, the man who literally “wrote the book” on taxes. As the author of Universal Accounting’s 1,200 page tax curriculum, Bill’s knowledge and skills are the standard by which hundreds of tax preparers nationwide are measured.

In 2013, Bill joined with accountant Ben Fellmeth, expanding Bottom Line’s accounting capacity and increasing the number of clients it can serve. Between them, Bill and Ben have over twenty-five years of experience as business owners and entrepreneurs, making them your ideal choice for small business bookkeeping with an insider’s touch.

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Should You File Your Own Tax Return?

At Bottom Line we specialize in fair prices, great personal service, and offering our expertise to clients who need help with a range of income tax and accounting issues (visit our Testimonials page to see how we do!).

However, if you have a simple return and would like to prepare it yourself, click here and start a free* do-it-yourself return.

Warning: Not recommended for taxpayers with small businesses, capital gains, education expenses or other issues that make for a complicated or tricky return. This is for your own good! We don’t mind being paid to straighten out error-filled returns or deal with IRS notices.

*Form 1040-EZ. Extra charges apply to Form 1040A ($19.95), Form 1040 ($39.95), and state returns.

Customer Testimonials

Bill has been helpful as an accounting resource from the initiation of my veterinary hospital. I met with him in the starting phases of opening my business and he guided me on proper record keeping and documents I would need to get started. He also helped guide me on the best ways to designate my business as an LLC, and the tax benefits I would get based on the different types of designations. This initial meeting has saved me hours of time as things were organized from the beginning. He does payroll, payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, and all the other myriad of taxes that a business pays every quarter and year. Opening and running a business involves a lot of paperwork and forms, and Bill has taken care of all the ones that he can to help “lighten my load” as a business owner. I would recommend him to other small business owners who are looking to run their business and focus on their trade, and not get caught up in the accounting side of things.

– Kirsten Doub, DVM
Owner, Union Park Veterinary Hospital

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